The final "cut!" onset sets into motion a whole new series of cuts inside a dimly lit 10x10 room, which gives the final touches that makes any script come to life. For Shahnawaz, every set of rushes presents itself a whole new canvas brimming with tons of artistic possibilities. An undisturbed workstation combined and a free flow of hot ‘chai’ inspires Shahnawaz to give every edit a unique edge, to make it stand out from the ordinary cut while always staying true to the ethos of every script. His aim is to bring to life every story in a manner that gets the best emotional response and engagement from the viewer. Thanks to his versatile editing skills, films from every genre are treated with the same care & passion. Shahnawaz has often been called a director’s delight, thanks to his professional yet outgoing nature. His ability to instantly grasp the crux of the storyline and get a firm grip of the script & rushes helps him maintain great syncronization & coordination with the director and share/adapt his vision or even add his own two bits every time it is called for. Thus, bring your cinematic vision to his table & he will unequivocally add his touch of magic and transform it into breathtaking reality. After all, it is said with good reason that it is the editor who writes the last draft of any script.